Monday, November 14, 2011

Doozeedad Has Moved

with a little moxie

When I first chose to move from 'Finding Ruby's Father' to doozeedad, I was stoked. I thought I had invented a neat word to capture the sound of my (crunchy deaf) world. I like any word with a 'z' in the middle. It was available all over the place: blogspot, facebook, twitter (not that I really tweet), you name it, it was there. That is an added benefit to making up your own words, huh. Maybe next time I'll  just go, "kdlnere"!!! No, just joking.

doozeedad was good and definitely unique. The problem was, I am a mom blogger and that title gave absolutely no indication of what I blog about. It sounds like notes from a ditzy Dad. Or a whupped one. Or something, just not what it actually is, a blog about parenting, disability and lively living. Growing moxie and growing Moxie. Not to forget Micah - Micah is always here, but the focus is more on Moxie. Moxie, after all, belongs to a tribe that faces enormous prejudice and discrimination. She needs this more right now.

And so. Doozeedad has moved on to 'With a Little Moxie'

Thanks for bearing with me as I iron out these creases and thanks even more for being here and reading - no, wait, I want to give you a hug for that - xxx - better cut out that last 'x', looks like something naughty there with 3x's, doesn't it? Wow, and now, typing '3x' it looks super-plus-sized. Funny how that works. STOP IT, MERIAH - Here is your big hug - HUG - x

And one more note - you can "like" With a Little Moxie on facebook here, and I'm going to be on twitter a lot more - it's kind of fun. Let's follow each other!